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William Ishiwata

Embodiment Photographer

​Kyushu, Japan

What I do:

Embodiment Coach
Yoga Instructor
Embodiment and Art Photographer
Art Director
Magazine Editor
Photobook Editor
A clinic administrator 
How are you realistically able to do all of these things? 
Well, it is complicated…..

Embodiment Coach

Using a combination of all of my training over the last 5 years as well as my whole life experience, I have developed a program specifically catering to my private photography clients. It is very adaptable to the different needs of clients. I think it is because I specifically chose to work with coaches from a number of different backgrounds and styles. I am able to pick and choose which techniques and practices will most benefit my clients. I am always working to learn and upgrade my skill set.  

Yoga Instructor

I came to yoga later in life. Basically what happened was that I spent a lot of years working in an office and sitting for a lot of hours per day. I developed an injury in my lower back. This injury shocked me into action. So I started taking private yoga classes, mainly because I was extremely embarrassed by how little I could do. My body was in a terrible state from I basically ignored my health state for about a decade. So I did private classes for about 2 years before I was invited to study as a yoga teacher because I wanted to know more about the theory and spiritual aspects. I completed the yoga teacher training in February 2019. I have continued studying and teaching a little at a time. I teach one-on-one and in English. 

Embodiment and Art Photographer

The pandemic provided a rare window for self-improvement. I had to completely stop pretty much everything I was doing that I had planned for 2020. So from June 2020 until February 2023, I embarked on months of intense coaching and education. I reimagined my approach to photography. This led to the creation of my own embodiment photography program, which saw numerous successful collaborations. This transformative period has deeply enriched my work, with a focus on deeper connections with the clients and models. I look forward to pushing boundaries in this art form, capturing moments of profound connection and self-discovery with every session.

Photobook & Magazine Editor

I have completed a number of photo books. My first was in 2012, it was not fully completed as the project collaborator decided to not complete the work. It was a great learning experience for me as I did 3 months of preproduction work and training in layout, fonts and photo selection for pages. 


I developed, shot, edited and wrote a yoga book for beginners as an exercise in 2021, we were not able to realistically leave the prefecture or sometimes city for most of that year. So I was able to team up with a model and yoga instructor from my area to fully develop and finish the book from inception to print. 


I have made a number of books for self-promotion materials. 

Stylist, Art Director, lighting, photo editor etc etc


Pretty much all photographers have to do all of these jobs.  

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